The Security Net

Inside the fantasy we are dreaming, A Course in Wonders (ACIM) is certain that we have a security net. We only here and there see it that way as we feel caught in a universe of our making with no chance to get out. Dread and culpability overpower us and we focus on the expressions of the Course to inspire convictions that all is good while totally misjudging where to track down security. The self image utilizes the tokens of Reality from the Course so we wind up citing them to ourselves and each other with an end goal to feel much better, demonstrate we’re correct and at last protected in a universe of fear. This approach is an inner self tick that nullifies the act of genuine pardoning.

While we’re willing perceive this world is certainly not a blissful spot and we don’t have a real sense of reassurance, our defenses with the inner self get raised doubt about during the act of pardoning. We find we’re in a real sense addicts who are dependent on pardons for what we’re picking with the a course in miracles podcast self image; and since the self image can’t permit pardoning to uncover any self image stunt, support is a guard. Keep in mind, a guard does what it says, i.e., it shields (safeguards) and just what is frail purposes protection because of the feeling of dread toward need or misfortune.

An update does what it says, i.e., it reminds or directs the way toward something different in the psyche. Tokens of Reality from the Course point away from conviction with the inner self and towards (the significance of) Reality. This is a seminar on the down to earth utilization of pardoning and the experience of the importance of Reality. It’s anything but a seminar on conviction and support. The decision is yours by they way you will utilize the Course.

A typical model that most Course understudies perceive is in regards to outrage. No place in the Course are we informed we shouldn’t fly off the handle. That sounds unreasonable. We are essentially told not to deny we’re irate and to concede we are deciding to fly off the handle. In any case, everything that we are said isn’t to legitimize the resentment. Try not to drive pardons for why you are crazy. It’s never for the “support” reasons you think.

Taking this fundamental idea, we should investigate the self image stunt of legitimization as a guard to protect the self image which we erroneously accept is our security. When you comprehend the stunt, it tends to be applied to fixing anything with the inner self. In this article, we will uncover the stunt involving the tokens of Reality from the Course as those are additionally dependent upon defense.

Conviction, Avocation, Confirmation and Protection

What makes it so challenging to perceive the inner self is utilizing support with tokens of the Fact of the matter is on the grounds that they appear to be so brilliant and hence we need to trust them. They sound like the Essence of God is letting us know they are valid when it’s actually the self image fooling us into accepting they are valid. It boils down to the contrast between a guard of the inner self and an update from the Essence of God and your decision. There is a tremendous contrast in the brain.

To start with, we should take a gander at few essential ideas to additional the conversation:


Deciding to put stock in a stunning self image thought (thought) causes it to show up genuine thus you just need to contribute conviction with the unbelievable to demonstrate you are correct. Proceeded with conviction (judgment) keeps the thought with you.


Support signifies, “to show, demonstrate or announce something is correct.” It is the thinking involved by the inner self for trusting the stunning thought.


Since all conviction and avocation is in the brain, safeguard is in the psyche and it signifies, “an endeavor to legitimize (demonstrate right) or to accomplish something for a move.” The main activity you can make in the brain is direction. Deciding to legitimize a self image conviction makes a safeguard. It safeguards the unbelievable conviction as you’re in absolute concurrence with the self image and disavowal of Reality.

We should be truly clear: The safeguard (conviction in addition to support) doesn’t make what you are endeavoring to trust valid. It makes the conviction (unbelievable) show up genuine. The importance still you’ve picked with the inner self in any event, when used to legitimize a sign of Reality.


Confirmation signifies, “to dissipate questions or a commitment.” There are two kinds of confirmations: God or self image. The main confirmations the inner self gives is the thing you’re as of now encountering and is obviously not working. Tokens of Reality (God) point straightforwardly to the affirmation (guarantee) of what is genuine. You pick which one sounds better and on the off chance that it is the update, you must escape the legitimization stunt.

The Detachment Won’t ever occur

We might have a hard time believing we’re in this world except if we’d previously become involved with the possibility that we’ve isolated from God. “The detachment won’t ever occur” is the fundamental Truth update as a component of the Penance in the Course. It does, nonetheless, get involved by the self image as a safeguard to invalidate the act of pardoning.