Effective Grout Cleaning Formula

Whether you’ve got tile floors, kitchen back splashes or bathroom tiles, the grout between the tiles can get pretty dingy and grimy. With the right cleaning solution and a bit of elbow grease, you can get your grout looking fresh and brand new. Now either you can do it yourself or you can get professional help for better results. Get housekeeping cleaning quotes to get an idea of how much its going to cost you.

Tile grout gets dirty in several different ways. In the bathroom, it’s usually mold or mildew causing the grout stains. In the kitchen, it could be a combination of food stains, grime, and mildew. So no matter what the cause of the staining, start off with the simplest and least acidic cleaning solution first, moving up to harsher chemical cleaners if you’re unsuccessful in getting the grout completely clean.

If nothing else works, here’s an effective and potent grout cleaning formula you can use to get the job done:

–        2.5% Phosphoric Acid

–       1.5% T-DET (Surfactant)

–        1.5% Muriatic Acid

–        94.5% Water

Directions for Use:

Start by cleaning the area of all dirt and debris. You can do this by sweeping and/or mopping area. If there’s any excessive grout on your tiles, scrape it away, but try not to scratch or damage tile or grout between the tiles.

Next step is to cover all nearby areas that are not being worked on with plastic sheeting (e.g., drop cloths). Be especially careful with polished marble, limestone, carpet or hardwood floors.

Once all surrounding areas have been protected you may begin applying the grout cleaning solution. Always shake well before each use and be sure to wear latex or rubber gloves during application.  Apply the grout cleaning solution liberally and directly over the grout joints.

Then brush the grout lightly with a non-metallic grout brush.

After the grout has been brushed, rinse the entire work area with clean water using a mop or sponge.

After cleaning your work area thoroughly, allow the application to dry completely. After the work area has dried, check for any missed spots in the grout. If spots are found, repeat the procedure in those areas.

Just like with any off the shelf household cleaning product, you need to protect yourself by wearing rubber gloves and goggles before using the grout cleaning formula. You also have to make sure that you’re working in a well ventilated area since this grout cleaning formula contains phosphoric and muriatic acid.


But if you followed the instructions to the letter, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing the fruits of your labor. You’ll not only have the satisfaction of having an almost brand new looking tile floor. But you’ll also be comforted by the knowledge that you’ve saved yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by cleaning the grout yourself instead of hiring the services of a professional grout cleaning company or renting a machine.